World’s Largest Grain Storage Inaugurated In India

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated several initiatives for the cooperative sector at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi. 
  • He initiated the pilot project of ‘World’s Largest Grain Storage Scheme in Cooperative Sector’ in 11 Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACSs) in 11 states. 
  • PM Modi laid the foundation stone for an additional 500 PACSs across the country for the creation of godowns and other agri-related infrastructure. 
  • He also inaugurated the project for the computerization of 18,000 PACSs. 
  • The computerization of PACSs will bring transparency, modernize them, and create business opportunities. 
  • The Ministry of Cooperation has taken over 54 initiatives since its formation. 
  • The cooperative sector is moving forward from PACS to APACS, with new enthusiasm and new beginnings in every dimension. 
  • The computerization of over 18,000 PACSs is starting today, with a trial run conducted and legacy data computerized. 
  • The computerization of 18,000 out of 65,000 PACSs has been completed, with 30,000 more to be computerized soon. Shri Amit Shah’s New Bye-Laws for PACSs 
  • New bylaws for PACSs have been implemented by state governments. 
  • PACSs will be able to perform 20 different activities including dairy, water management, and contributing to the blue revolution. 
  • They will also function as Common Service Centres (CSCs), open cheap medicine and grain shops, and operate petrol pumps. 
  • The bylaws will link PACSs with other activities and integrate all activities into a single software. 
  • PM Modi has approved an expenditure of Rs.2500 crores on computerization of PACSs to strengthen them. World’s Largest Cooperative Food Grain Storage Scheme 
  • The world’s largest cooperative food grain storage scheme is being launched. 
  • The pilot project in 11 PACSs has been completed and 11 godowns are being inaugurated. 
  • The aim is to achieve 100% storage capacity by 2027 through the cooperative sector. 
  • The scheme will include small godowns with racks, computerized systems, and modern farming tools.
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