World Wetlands Day 2024 Celebration at Sirpur Lake, Indore

  • The Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEF&CC) and the Government of Madhya Pradesh organized a national event to celebrate World Wetlands Day 2024. 
  • The theme of the event is ‘Wetlands and Human Wellbeing’, emphasizing the role of wetlands in flood protection, clean water, biodiversity, and recreational opportunities.
  • The event was inaugurated by Dr Mohan Yadav, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, and Dr Musonda Mumba, Secretary General of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. 
  • Three publications were released during the event: revised guidelines for ‘The National Plan for Conservation of Aquatic Ecosystems (NPCA), Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool: A Practitioners’ Guide, and a Compendium on Phyto-diversity of Ramsar Sites in India’.
  • Two brochures were released, ‘Wetlands Conservation: Approach and Initiatives’ and ‘People’s Documentation of Biodiversity of 75 Ramsar Sites’.
  • Educational videos and a film festival series were launched to raise awareness about wetlands conservation and management. 
  • A training module for Nature-guides was released under the Green Skill Development Programme (GSDP) of MoEF&CC. 
  • National Slogan writing, Painting, and photography competitions on the theme of “Wetlands and Human wellbeing” were also announced.


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