World Quantum Day Celebrated In India

  • India celebrates World Quantum Day 2024 on April 14, 2024, to become a global leader in Quantum Science and Technology. 
  • Quantum Mechanics, the study of atoms and sub-atomic particles, has advanced to the engineering domain, leading to novel applications. 
  • Quantum systems are being controlled and manipulated for Quantum Computing, Quantum Communications, and Quantum Sensing applications. 
  • The International Initiative for Quantum Science and Technology was initiated in 2022, commemorated annually as the World Quantum Day on April 14th. 
  • Prof. Ajay Kumar Sood, Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, emphasized the global impact of quantum technology and the need to eliminate potential threats by quantum computers. 
  • India’s National Quantum Mission (NQM) will bolster India’s competitiveness by leveraging national strengths built through previous R&D initiatives. 
  • The NQM, conceptualized by the Prime Minister Science Technology Advisory Council (PM-STIAC), received Cabinet approval on April 19, 2023, with a total outlay of Rs. 6003.65 Crore for eight years. 
  • The Mission aims to seed, nurture, and scale up scientific and industrial R&D and create a vibrant & innovative ecosystem in Quantum Technology (QT). 
  • The Mission will be implemented by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and will be a consortium of academia and R&D labs in collaboration with startups and industry. 
  • Dr. Ajai Chowdhry, Chairman, of MGB and Founder of HCL Technologies, highlighted the importance of quantum technology in the digital economy and geopolitics for India. 
  • Prof. Urbasi Sinha, Quantum Information and Computing Lab, Raman Research Institute and India Representative on the World Quantum Day Network, expressed excitement over the boom in quantum technologies and looks forward to contributing majorly to all the above efforts as part of the Mission.
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