WHO and the Ministry Of Ayush Sign Agreement

  • Ministry of Ayush and World Health Organization (WHO).
  • Signed Traditional and Complementary Medicine ‘Project Collaboration Agreement’ in Geneva.


  • To standardize Traditional and Complementary Medical Systems.
  • Integrate their quality and safety aspects into the National Health System.
  • Disseminate them at the international level.
  • Will connect Traditional and Complementary Medical Systems with the mainstream of the National Health System.
  • WHO will prepare Traditional Medicine Global Strategy 2025-34 with the support of the Ministry of Ayush.
  • To strengthen the training and practice system in the Complementary Medicine System ‘Siddha’.
  • Formulation of guidelines for the listing of Traditional and Complementary Medicines.
  • Safety and related efforts, etc.
  • An International Herbal Pharmacopoeia of herbs found in South-East Asia to be developed.
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