Vladimir Putin Becomes President Again

  • President Vladimir Putin has won his fifth term with a record number of votes, extending his rule for six more years. 
  • The highly-predictable election results set Putin up to be the longest-serving Russian leader in 200 years. 
  • Putin hailed the overwhelming results as an indication of “trust” and “hope” in him. 
  • Critics saw his landslide win as a reflection of the preordained nature of the election. 
  • Putin referenced Navalny by name for the first time in public at the news conference, declaring his readiness to release him in a swap for unidentified inmates in Western custody just days before the opposition leader’s death. 
  • If he finishes his upcoming term, Putin will have been in power longer than any Russian leader since Catherine the Great in the 18th century. 
  • Public criticism of Putin and his war in Ukraine has been stifled in Russia, with independent media being crippled. 
  • Even with little margin for protest, Russians crowded outside polling stations at noon on Sunday, the last day of the election. 
  • Some Russians waiting to vote in Moscow and St. Petersburg told The Associated Press they were participating in the protest but it wasn’t possible to confirm whether all those in line were doing so. 
  • Supporters of Navalny streamed to his grave in Moscow, some bringing ballots with his name written on them.
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