Unique Properties in Multiferroic Material for Energy-Efficient Data Storage

  • Researchers have discovered a unique mechanism of electric polarization via magnetic ordering in a new material, “MnBi2S4”. 
  • Magnetic multiferroics, a rare and valuable class of materials, exhibit both magnetism and Ferro electricity simultaneously. 
  • The discovery has sparked interest in finding new materials with different types of magnetism for various applications. 
  • The study focuses on a novel material named “MnBi2S4”, which exhibits a unique mechanism of inducing electric polarization via magnetic ordering. 
  • The material, also known as mineral graţianite, belongs to the ternary manganese chalcogenide family. 
  • The study found that the last two spin structures in the material induce Ferroelectricity. 
  • The findings could be useful for energy-efficient data storage, reducing energy consumption during writing processes. 
  • The researchers express the need for further exploration of different materials and structures to understand the mechanisms that break inversion symmetry and induce polarization.
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