Supreme Court Acknowledge Tamil Nadu Government’s Argument Against Governor’s Decision

  • Tamil Nadu government argued that the Constitution does not provide Governor R.N. Ravi discretion to withhold the 10 Bills repassed by the State Legislative Assembly.
  • Once a bill is been re-passed, it is similar to a Money bill and the Governor cannot reject it.
  • As told by the Chief Justice of India D.Y. Chandrachud, heading a three-judge Bench.
  • According to Article 200 of the Indian constitution, If the Bill is passed again by the House or Houses with or without amendment and presented to the Governor for assent, the Governor shall not withhold assent therefrom.
  • The court said that the Governor, having withheld assent and sent back the Bills once, cannot refer the reiterated Bills to the President.
  • The State government held that the Governor was holding the Bills back indefinitely, defeating the rights of the people of Tamil Nadu to the benefits of crucial laws passed by the House.
  • 182 Bills were given to the Governor by the House for approval 152 have been approved, five were withdrawn by the government, and nine were reserved by the Governor for referral to the President.
  • The Governor had withheld consent on 10 proposed laws and five, which were received in October 2023, were under process.
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