Shyaam Nikhil’s 12-Year Wait for GM Title and Inspiration from Gukesh’s Candidates Win

  • Shyaam Nikhil, a chess player from Tamil Nadu, has been waiting for his final Grandmaster norm for over a decade. 
  • In 2011, he earned two of his three required Grandmaster norms, but the chess world was markedly different. 
  • In May 2012, Nikhil crossed the GM title requisite 2500 Elo. 
  • Nikhil’s journey to his third GM norm was marked by a 12-year wait. 
  • Inspired by Gukesh’s performance, Nikhil persevered, believing that if he supported himself, he would get there. 
  • Despite missing his final norm narrowly several times, Nikhil believes that the odds may not be in his favor. 
  • The game has changed rapidly between Nikhil’s first and final GM norms, with Carlsen becoming bored of classical chess. 
  • Nikhil is now a GM and is working at the Integral Coach Factory of the Indian Railways. 
  • He hopes that his GM title will help with invitations to future tournaments, which are harder to come by with the rush of young, talented players. 
  • Nikhil’s dream of becoming a world champion has long disappeared, but he now wants to cross 2600 Elo and become the best he can be.
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