Secretary, Dot Visit to USA

  • The Secretary of the Department of Telecommunications visited the United States starting on 12th January 2024, addressing critical aspects of India’s technological prowess and global collaboration.


  • PanIIT 2024 Washington, DC
  • Themed ‘Technology Diplomacy: Navigating the Geopolitical Landscape’.
  • The Joint Work Plan was inked with PanIIT USA.
  • For expertise exchange for Indian research projects and guiding start-ups.

At The University Of Chicago:

  • Deep-diving sessions and touring Quantum Communication labs.
  • Explored potential collaborations in Quantum Networks and Quantum Teleportation.
  • To elevate R&D, foster innovation, and fortify the Startup ecosystem in Quantum Communications within India.

Meeting With Deputy NSA, USA:

  • The Secretary met Deputy NSA, USA, Ms. Ann Neuberger.
  • Formalization of the ‘US-India Open RAN Acceleration Roadmap.’
  • Promotes collaboration for interoperability and scaled deployments of Open RAN products.
  • Both concurred on joint efforts in Next Generation Communication Technologies.

Engagement with World Bank

  • Senior MD, VP South Asia, VP Infrastructure and Director Strategy and Operations at the World Bank.
  • Revolved around India’s initiatives in Digital Public Infrastructure, Cell Broadcast Technology, and the promotion of the Startup ecosystem.
  • The World Bank was invited to join the ‘AI for Good’ effort of ITU/UN, with a specific focus on the South Asian and African regions.
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