Rural Diabetes Prevention & Control Campaign Launched

  • By Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh, who is also a Professor of Medicine and a renowned Diabetologist.
  • Campaign launched in village Purana Ramnagar of Varanasi district.


  • The fast spread of Type -2 Diabetes Mellitus in the villages is a matter of concern.
  • It has prompted a mass campaign for prevention of the disease in rural areas.
  • Until now it is said to afflict mostly the rich and elite due to their sedentary lifestyle in cities.
  • Probable cause of its upsurge in rural India is a result of the commonality of eating habits such as fast foods, more automation in agriculture and a resultant lack of physical activity.
  • UP has 18% of its population in the pre-diabetes stage.
  • It has been increasing in the last two decades.
  • It was prevalent mostly in South India.
  • The past three decades witnessed a 150 per cent increase in India.
  • Prevalence becoming apparent in the age group of 25-34 years in both urban and rural areas.

Government Steps:

  • Free blood sugar testing campaign at the national level.
  • General health insurance policy.
  • Ayushman Bharat.
  • Wellness Clinics.
  • Kidney dialysis facilities in all district government hospitals.
  • Promotion of Yoga.
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