Press Sewa Portal Commences Operation for Print Media Registration

  • The Press & Registration of Periodicals Act, 2023, comes into force on 1st March 2024. 
  • The Act replaces the old PRB Act, of 1867, which required multiple steps and approvals. 
  • The Press Registrar General of India (PRGI) will carry out the purposes of the new Act. 
  • The new system replaces the manual, cumbersome processes causing hardships to publishers. 
  • The Press Sewa Portal ( is launched to receive various applications as mandated by the new Act. 
  • The portal ensures paperless processing and offers services like e-sign facility, digital payment gateway, QR code-based digital certificates, and online system for printing presses, and chatbot-based interactive grievance resolution mechanism. 
  • The new Act removes books and journals from the purview of registration. 
  • All applications for registration of periodicals shall be made online through the Press Sewa Portal only. 
  • The status of applications will be updated at all stages and informed to the applicant through SMS and email.


Registration of Periodicals through the Press Sewa Portal 


  • Owner of a Periodical: Sign up and create a profile on the Press Sewa Portal with 5 proposed titles. 
  • Simultaneous Submission to Press Registrar General and Specified Authority in the District: Applications submitted through the Portal are accessible to the Press Registrar General and the Specified Authority in the District. 
  • Invitation to Publisher/s: The owner extends invitations to their designated publisher/s through the portal. 
  • Signing up and Online Intimation by the Printer: The printer must create an online account on the Press Sewa Portal. 
  • Publisher/s: The publisher/s invited/appointed must create their profile on the portal. 
  • Selecting/Nominating the Printer by the Publisher: The publisher must nominate their respective Printing Press from the Press Sewa database. 
  • Periodical Registration Application to be submitted by the Publisher: The publisher can submit the application by filling/furnishing all relevant details/documents, e-signing the application, and paying a prescribed fee through Bharatkosh. 
  • Correction Window after Submission of Application: The publishers have 5 days (120-hour time-window) for minor modifications in the application. 
  • Acknowledgement with a Unique Application Reference Number: The Press Sewa Portal generates an acknowledgement along with a unique ten-digit alphanumeric Application Reference Number (ARN). 
  • Deficiencies in the Application and Timely Response: The Press Registrar General of India (PRGI) issues a deficiency communication, and publishers are required to submit their responses within a 30-day timeframe. 
  • Online Payment of Registration Fees through Bharatkosh: All publishers must remit a registration fee of Rs.1000 through the Bharatkosh digital payment system integrated into the Press Sewa Portal.
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