Power Ministry Has 15 GW Hydro Projects under Construction

  • Hydroelectric power projects with an aggregate capacity of 15 GW are under construction in India. 
  • The hydro capacity is expected to increase from 42 GW to 67 GW by 2023-32, marking a 50% increase. 
  • The Indian Meteorological Department predicts higher rainfall in the current financial year. 
  • Hydropower projects in the Himalayan region get base flow from snowmelt, a contribution from surface runoff produced by melting snow. 
  • The development of Pumped Storage Projects (PSPs) is crucial for providing greater inertia and balancing power to the grid. 
  • Currently, 2.7 GW of PSPs are under construction, with another 50 GW under various stages of development. 
  • The Indian government is optimistic about the future, with the prediction of a good monsoon in FY 2024-25 suggesting a potential reversal of the trend. 
  • Hydroelectric power has always played a significant role in the energy landscape of the country, providing essential peaking support to the electricity grid. 
  • India is in the midst of an energy transition, with significant additions of solar and wind power to the current energy mix. 
  • India’s renewable energy capacity has increased significantly in recent years, with the installed Renewable Energy (RE) capacity of the country standing at 150.54 GW as of 30.11.2021. 
  • India is targeting to achieve renewable energy capacity more than the committed capacity of 50% from non-fossil sources by 2030. 
  • All-India Renewable Energy Generation (excluding Large Hydro) has increased steadily from 61.7 billion units in 2014-15 to 225.5 billion units in 2023-24 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 15.47%.
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