New Runway and Jetty Opened By PM Modi and Mauritius PM

  • The inauguration of these projects is a testament to the robust development partnership between India and Mauritius. 
  • The projects will fulfill the demand for better connectivity between mainland Mauritius and Agalega, strengthen maritime security, and foster socio-economic development. 
  • Mauritius has become the first country to adopt the ‘Jan Aushadhi Scheme’, allowing the sourcing of about 250 high-quality medicines from the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Bureau of India. 
  • The Prime Minister congratulated Mauritius on his far-sighted vision and dynamic leadership, expressing confidence that India and Mauritius relations will attain new heights in the future. 
  • The Prime Minister of India has extended a credit line of 1,000 million US dollars and 400 million US dollars’ worth of assistance to the people of Mauritius in the last 10 years. 
  • The facilities that have been jointly inaugurated today will enhance ease of living, improve connectivity between the North and Southern parts of Mauritius, improve administrative connection with the mainland, and improve medical evacuation and transportation of school kids. 
  • PM Modi emphasized that India and Mauritius are the natural partners in maritime security to deal with traditional and non-traditional challenges in the Indian Ocean Region. 
  • The inauguration of the airstrip and jetty at Agalega will further advance cooperation between the two countries while also strengthening the blue economy of Mauritius.
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