New Defence Design & Test Facility in Bengaluru

  • Inaugurated by Defence Secretary Mr Giridhar Aramane.
  • At Aero Engine Research and Development Centre (AERDC) of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

AERDC Developments:

  • Hindustan Turbo Fan Engine (HTFE) of 25 kN thrust for powering trainers
  • UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) twin-engine for small fighter aircraft or regional jets
  • Hindustan Turbo Shaft Engine of 1200 kN thrust for powering light and medium weight helicopters

New Facility:

  • Covering over 10,000 sq. meters.
  • Houses special machines.
  • Advanced setups with computational tools.
  • In-house fabrication facility.
  • Two test beds for testing HTFE-25 and HTSE-1200.
  • Upcoming JV engine for IMRH to be co-developed by Safran, France and HAL.
  • Set-ups for testing Air producer of Jaguar, Gas Turbine Starter Units of Light Combat Aircraft, Auxiliary Power Units of Indian Multi-Role Helicopter and Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft.
  • Gas Turbine Electrical Generator for An-32 aircraft. 
  • Line Replacement Units.

About The Centre:

  • Established in the 1960s.
  • Only design house with developed test beds for engines of both Western and Russian origin.

Machines Developed:

  • PTAE-7 engine, the first indigenous turbojet engine of India powering Lakshya (Unmanned Aircraft.
  • Gas Turbine Electrical Generator GTEG-60 for starting An-32 aircraft.
  • Air starter ATS 37 & Air producer for starting Adour-Mk 804E/811 on Jaguar Aircraft.
  • Shakti engine for powering ALH to support Ad804/811 engine of Jaguar aircraft.
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