NCERT Is Bringing Changes in Textbooks Including History

  • NCERT, an autonomous body formed by the union government, has undergone changes in its syllabi over the years. 
  • Recent changes, part of the syllabus ‘rationalization’ exercise, have been criticized for deleting important portions of social sciences, including India’s medieval and contemporary socio-political history. 
  • NCERT has been updating its books regularly to keep up with contemporary discoveries and changes in society. 
  • Major shifts in NCERT’s syllabi include: 
  • 1961: NCERT was formed by merging several existing bodies. 
  • The 1960s: Post-independence, textbooks were created to highlight Indian history from a secular, ‘unbiased’, and anti-colonial standpoint. 
  • 1970s-90s: Historical revisionism to promote Hindutva ideology was noted under the Janata Party rule (1977-1979) and BJP (1998-2004). 
  • 2002: The NDA govt tried to change the curriculum to remove previous ‘Marxist’ influence. 
  • 2005: The NCERT was overhauled and the National Curriculum Framework (2005) was introduced to undo the BJP government’s changes. 
  • 2012: NCERT was slammed for allegedly insulting the government by publishing ‘offensive’ cartoons in its textbooks. 
  • Post 2014: Three revisions/reviews in textbooks. 
  • 2017: NCERT updated 182 textbooks with topics like Swachh Bharat, Digital India, ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’, demonetization, and GST added. 
  • 2018-19: Contents were added to history textbooks regarding knowledge, traditions, and practices of India. 
  • 2019: NCERT made key deletions, particularly in history textbooks. 
  • 2022: Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s statements against communal violence in Gujarat, chronology of Godhra violence, quotes by Nehru, and Ambedkar, history of Naxalite movements, discussion box on-farm laws, history of caste oppression, justifications of caste in Vedas, dangers of communal politics, etc. were cut short. 
  • 2022: CBSE dropped poems of Faiz Ahmed Faiz from the chapter on ‘Religion, Communalism, and Politics – Communalism, Secular State’ from NCERT Class 10 Pol Science books.
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