National Police Memorial Opening Ceremony by RPF

  • The National Police Memorial (NPM) in Delhi honors police personnel who sacrificed their lives for national security. 
  • The NPM conducts a solemn ceremony every weekend to express gratitude and honor police martyrs. 
  • The event is organized by the Railway Protection Force (RPF) in February 2024. 
  • The RPF, an armed force under the Ministry of Railways, has taken on missions to save lives, assist those in need, and combat human trafficking and drug smuggling. 
  • In 2023, the force saved 3719 lives, rescued 11794 children and 3492 adults in distress, and arrested 257 human traffickers and 922 drug traffickers. 
  • The RPF has been honored with 3 President’s Police Medals for Gallantry, 19 Police Medals for Gallantry, 94 President’s Medals for Distinguished Service, and 942 Medals for Meritorious Service. 
  • The opening ceremony featured activities such as the laying of a wreath on the Police Memorial, Band Display, and Retreat. 
  • The Chief Guest honored and felicitated the families of the martyrs during the function. 
  • The ceremony will continue to be conducted by RPF in NPM every Saturday and Sunday of February 2024.


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