National Level Coordination Committee for World’s Largest Grain Storage Plan Meeting

  • The National Level Coordination Committee (NLCC) held its first meeting in New Delhi. 
  • The committee reviewed the implementation of its pilot project in 11 states. 
  • The plan aims to transform PACS into Multi-Service Societies. 
  • The plan includes the creation of various agricultural infrastructure at PACS level, including warehouses, custom hiring centers, processing units, and Fair Price Shops. 
  • The project is being extended to 500 additional PACS with the support of State Governments, NCCF, National Buildings Construction Corporation, etc. 
  • More PACS have been identified for storage capacity and other agricultural infrastructure under the project. 
  • The committee discussed how to take the plan forward on a nationwide scale, including possible options for the linkage of godowns with various stakeholders.
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