National Cooperative Database Inaugurated

  • The National Cooperative Database is the first-ever inauguration of the cooperative database since India’s independence. 
  • The database aims to expand, develop, and deliver information about the cooperative sector. 
  • The database will provide direction to the development of the cooperative sector like a compass. 
  • The database will identify gaps in the number of cooperatives and aid in their expansion. 
  • The database will serve as an invaluable resource for policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders. 
  • The database portal will guide small cooperative societies for their expansion. 
  • The database has the potential to connect PACS with Apex, villages to cities, mandis to the global market, and state databases to international databases. 
  • The database has been carried out in three phases: mapping of approximately 2.64 lakh societies in three sectors, data collection from various National Federations, State Federations, State Cooperative Banks, and all remaining 8 lakh primary cooperative societies in other sectors. 
  • The database will play a crucial role in the expansion of cooperatives initiated by the Narendra Modi government with the Whole of Government Approach. 
  • The database is created using state-of-the-art technology, featuring a dynamic web-based platform. 
  • The Ministry of Cooperation will ensure that only verified data is regularly uploaded to the database.
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