NASA Chief Calls on Indian Minister for Joint Launches with ISRO

  • India and the US will launch the joint microwave remote sensing satellite for Earth observation, named NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR)
  • Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh held a meeting with a high-level delegation of NASA led by its Administrator Mr Bill Nelson in New Delhi.
  • NISAR is targeted for launch on board India’s GSLV.
  • Data from NISAR will be highly suitable for studying the land ecosystems, deformation of solid earth, mountain & polar cryosphere, sea ice and coastal oceans on a regional to global scale.
  • ISRO’s S-band SAR was integrated with NASA’s L-band SAR at JPL/NASA.
  • Integrated L & S band SAR is currently undergoing testing with the satellite at URSC, Bangalore with the participation of NASA/JPL officials.
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