Myth versus Reality Register Launched By Election Commission of India

  • The Election Commission of India (ECI) has launched a ‘Myth vs. Reality Register’ to combat misinformation and uphold electoral integrity. 
  • The register is accessible to the public through the ECI’s official website. 
  • The Register is designed to dispel myths and falsehoods circulating during the election period, empowering voters to make informed decisions. 
  • The register covers areas of myths and misinformation around EVM/VVPAT, Electoral Roll/Voter Services, and Conduct of Elections. 
  • The register provides busted election-related fake information, probable myths on social media, FAQs on important topics, and reference material. 
  • Stakeholders are encouraged to verify and corroborate any dubious information received through the register. 
  • The platform can be used to verify information, prevent the spread of misinformation, debunk myths, and stay informed about key issues during the General Elections 2024.
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