MoU between Indian Railways and CII

  • Indian Railways signed an MoU with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).
  • To reduce energy and water consumption, lowering GHG emissions.
  • The MoU has been renewed for a third consecutive term.


  • First MoU was signed in 2016 for 3 years.
  • Upon expiry, another MoU was signed in 2019 for a further 3 years.

Earlier Progress:

  • Energy efficiency in manufacturing facilities and railway workshops: energy savings of 210 Lakh kWh, and monetary savings of Rs. 16 Crores; GHG emissions reduction of around 18000 tons of CO2.
  • GreenCo rating: implemented in 75 Railways units (workshops & manufacturing facilities).
  • Green Railway Stations: Around 40 stations have achieved green certificate; saved 22 million KWh energy and 3 billion litres of water annually.
  • Green Buildings, Hospitals, Schools and Colonies: Over 40 building facilities, including administrative buildings, hospitals, schools and colonies have been facilitated.
  • Capacity building and skill development: More than 20 new technology suppliers have been introduced, around 150 IR officials have been exposed to the 6 Best energy efficient private sector plants in India.

New Objectives:

  • CII will collaborate in bringing new/relevant technologies and its implementation.
  • Assistance in achieving ISO 50001 certification of workshops/production units.
  • Development of Net-Zero Energy Railway station framework.
  • Information dashboard will be created to highlight the advancement in green initiatives throughout the year jointly by IR and CII.
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