More Products under Simplified Certification Scheme

  • Notified by the technical arm Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) of the Department of Telecommunications.
  • Brought 37 more products under the Simplified Certification scheme (SCS).
  • W.e.f. 1 January 2024.

About The Notification:

  • Will reduce certification time from eight to two weeks.
  • Products include media gateway, IP security equipment, IP terminals, optical fibre or cable, transmission Terminal Equipment, etc.
  • Total products increased to 49 from 12.
  • Only administrative fees will be charged by the TEC for Essential Requirement (ER) based applications submitted under MTCTE irrespective of GCS and SCS category.
  • The evaluation fee has been completely waived off.
  • There are 60 Telecom & Networking products which have been notified under the MTCTE regime.
  • MTCTE- Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecommunication Equipment.
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