Ministry Of Tourism Organizes Round Table Conference

  • It began on December 01, 2023, in New Delhi.
  • To explore and leverage the immense potential of India’s Tourism Ecosystem.


  • NITI Aayog, UNESCO, UNEP, WTTCII, IUCN, IHMCL, IRCTC, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, FHRAI.
  • International entities like the Intrepid Group.
  • Ministries/Departments from the Central and State Governments.
  • Representatives from the travel and tourism industry and educational institutes.

Topics Covered:

  • Governance
  • Local Community Engagement
  • Labour’s Role
  • Economic Impact
  • Technology’s Influence
  • Tourist Destinations
  • Cultural and Natural Resource Preservation
  • Infrastructure
  • Environmental Sustainability.

Thematic Sessions:

  • Enabling Environment, Travel and Tourism Policy.
  • Enabling Conditions, Tourism Demand Drivers and Infrastructure.
  • Travel and Tourism Sustainability.

Focus Areas:

  • Identification of culturally rich states.
  • Leveraging digital strategies for redirecting traffic.
  • Content creation to counter negative perceptions.
  • Critical need for reliable data and benchmarking.
  • Historical trends in booking decisions
  • The imperative of education policy alignment.
  • The changing perception among youth regarding tourism careers.
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