Ministry Of Earth Sciences Hosts Inter-Ministerial Joint Workshop on Blue Economy

  • The Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) held a consultative workshop in New Delhi on the status of the Blue Economy Pathways study report. 
  • Experts from various ministries, including the World Bank, participated in the workshop. 
  • The workshop deliberated on the collaborative role of each ministry in the preparation of the report. 
  • MoES collaborated with the World Bank to prepare a seminar report titled ‘India’s Blue Economy: Pathways for resource-efficient, inclusive and resilient growth in India’. 
  • The report will cover global best practices in Blue Economy implementation, ocean accounting framework, institutional strengthening, and innovative finance mechanisms for implementing the Blue Economy Policy framework. 
  • The Blue Economy is expected to be a multiplier of economic growth and well-being, improving the lives of coastal communities and preserving marine ecosystems. 
  • India’s unique maritime position and vast maritime interests make the Blue Economy vital to the nation’s economic growth.
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