Meeting Of High Powered Committee for Ladakh

  • Under the chairmanship of Minister of State for Home Affairs, Mr Nityanand Rai.
  • Held in New Delhi.
  • Apex Body Leh (ABL) and Kargil Democratic Alliance participated.
  • To fast-track the development of Ladakh.
  • To meet the aspirations of the people of Ladakh.
  • The government is to continue to engage with the ABL, KDA and people of Ladakh for holistic and sustainable development of the UT of Ladakh regularly.

Mandate of Meeting:

  1. Measures to protect the Ladakh region’s unique culture and language taking into consideration its geographical location and its strategic importance.
  2. To ensure the protection of land and employment.
  3. Measures for inclusive development and employment generation in the region.
  4. Measures related to empowerment of Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Councils (LAHDCs) of Leh and Kargil and
  5. Constitutional safeguards could be provided to ensure the measures and protection as mentioned above.
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