• Launched by Cmde Sunil Kaushik, NM, WPS(Mbi) on 28 Oct 23
  • At M/s Shoft Shipyard Pvt Ltd, Bharuch, Gujarat
  • Proud flag bearer of the “Make in India” initiative of the Ministry of Defence
  • Contract for construction and delivery of three 25T BP Tug was concluded with M/s Shoft Shipyard Pvt Ltd (SSPL)
  • Built under the classification rules of the Indian Register of Shipping (IRS)
  • Provide impetus to Operational commitments of IN by facilitating assistance to Naval ships and submarines during berthing and un-berthing, turning and manoeuvring in confined waters
  • Will also provide afloat firefighting assistance to ships alongside, and at anchorage
  • Will have the capability to conduct limited Search and Rescue Operations
  • Tugboats/ships are small but powerful ships which are used to pull or push other large ships for maundering or rescue purposes
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