Kozhikode And Gwalior In UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network

  • Inclusion of Kozhikode as ‘City of Literature’.
  • Gwalior as the ‘City of Music’.
  • Conveyed the honour to Kozhikode Corporation.
  • The city conducts many literacy meetings such as the Kerala Literature Festival.
  • Gwalior boasts the birthplace of famous Indian classical singer Tansen.
  • It is known for Gwalior Gharana music, associated with ‘khyal raga’.
  • Gwalior Gharana is part of old Hindustani (Hindi and Urdu) music.
  • Tansen was among the nine jewels of Mughal ruler Akbar.
  • The two city representatives were invited to the 2024 UCCN (UNESCO CREATIVE CITIES NETWORK) Annual Conference in Portugal.
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