ISRO’S Agreement with Mauritius Approved

  • Approved by the Union Cabinet chaired by Hon’ble Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi.
  • Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC) under the Ministry of Information Technology, Communication, and Innovation, Mauritius.
  • For cooperation on the development of a Joint Small Satellite.


  • To establish a framework for cooperation between ISRO and MRIC.
  • Cooperation on the use of the MRIC’s Ground Station.
  • Some of the subsystems for the joint satellite will be used by Indian industries.
  • Continuous support from the Mauritius Government for the Indian ground station at Mauritius, for ISRO/India’s launch vehicle and satellite missions.
  • MRIC support from their ground station for ISRO’s small satellite mission in future.

MoU Conditions:

  • Shall enable the joint realisation of small satellite between ISRO and MRIC.
  • Proposed to be completed in 15 months.
  • Estimated cost for a joint satellite is Rs.20 crore – borne by the Government of India
  • Does not involve any other exchange of funds between the Parties.


  • Space cooperation between India and Mauritius began in the late 1980s.
  • ISRO had established a ground station in Mauritius for tracking and telemetry support for ISRO’s launch vehicle and satellite missions – under a country-level agreement signed in 1986 for this purpose.
  • The current space cooperation is governed by the country-level agreement signed on 29.7.2009, which superseded the 1986 agreement.
  • MRIC expressed interest, in jointly building a small satellite for Mauritius.
  • Ministry of External Affairs requested ISRO to initiate discussions with MRIC.
  • MEA funding plan for realisation, launch and operation of the joint satellite.
  • MoU was signed on 1 November 2023 at Port Louis, Mauritius during the visit of the Minister of State to Mauritius for the ‘Aapravasi Diwas’ event.
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