International Museum Day 2nd Edition Starts in Kolkata

  • The International Museum Expo, organized by NCSM, began in Science City, Kolkata. 
  • Exhibitions include “Oppenheimer’s Peaceful Explosion,” “Innovative Edifices: The Structures and Vessels of Science Communication,” “Narratives Reimagined: Interactive Techscapes in Museum Storytelling,” “Brilliance beyond Borders: Our Triumphs, Trials, and Travails at the Science Nobel’s,” “Echoes of Ingenuity: Reminiscences of the Industrial Evolution,” and “Indian Women in Science: Busts and Murals.” 
  • Visitors can also view a digital panorama film on Durga Puja, “Canvas Cyclorama: The Pulse of Indian Artistry,” and the expo’s mascot. 
  • The event was attended by Dr. Shekhar C Mande, Chairman, of Governing Body, NCSM, and former DG, CSIR, Secretary, DSIR. 
  • The second edition of the expo, which began on May 18, 2024, focuses on education and research in science museums and centers. 
  • Other activities include panel discussions on preservation and documentation of cultural, scientific, and industrial heritage, immersive experiences in museums and science museums, novel museums and new media, and interaction between entrepreneurs and museum professionals.
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