International Monitoring Station Day Celebrated

  • Celebrated by the Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing (WPC) and Wireless Monitoring Organisation (WMO).
  • Marks a milestone in the history of wireless monitoring and spectrum management in India.
  • It highlights the tireless dedication of personnel in ensuring an interference-free spectrum for public telecom services and wireless users across India.


  • It was established in 1952.
  • It acts as the vigilant eye and ear of the WPC, with a network of monitoring stations located across India.
  • Components: one International Satellite Monitoring Earth Station (ISMES), five International Monitoring Stations (IMSs), and 22 Wireless Monitoring Stations (WMSs).
  • It conducts crucial spectrum monitoring, measurements and inspection duties for efficient radio frequency spectrum management and Geo-Stationary Orbit.


  • It is the field unit of the WPC Wing tasked with ensuring interference-free radio-communication services in India.
  • It holds the responsibility of spectrum engineering, planning and licensing.
  • It is headed by Wireless Adviser. Dr Manohar Balaji Sarwate.
  • It functions within the Ministry of Communications Government of India.
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