INSV Tarini Embarked In Mauritius by Women Officers

  • Indian Naval Sailing Vessel Tarini embarks on a historic double-handed expedition from INS Mandovi, Goa to Port Louis, Mauritius. 
  • The expedition, conducted under the Indian Naval Sailing Association (INSA), marks the first transoceanic sortie by Indian women in a double-handed mode. 
  • Lt Cdr Dilna K and Lt Cdr Roopa A embark on the historic voyage, showcasing the Nari Shakti in the maritime domain. 
  • The expedition is part of preparation for the upcoming global circumnavigation, which is scheduled to commence in September. 
  • The expedition was flagged off by Commander Abhilash Tomy, who has circumnavigated the globe non-stop on sailing boats twice. 
  • The expedition signifies a significant step forward in India’s maritime endeavors and a testament to the Indian Navy’s commitment to fostering excellence and diversity.
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