Indigenous Fiber Based QKD System with Free Space to Create History

  • C-DOT and Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) demonstrate the integration of CDOT’s indigenous Fiber-based Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) system with PRL’s Free Space QKD system, establishing an end-to-end quantum communication link. 
  • The demonstration was held at the 2nd International Quantum Communication Conclave in Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. 
  • Quantum computers’ rapid progress threatens the security of existing data security techniques due to their high computational power.
  • Quantum Communications, a branch of Quantum Technologies, addresses this threat by ensuring fool-proof security in communication networks. 
  • C-DOT, the telecom R&D arm of the Department of Telecommunications, has developed rugged and field-deployable QKD solutions. 
  • PRL, a premier research institute under the Department of Space, has been working on utilizing space for quantum secure communication. 
  • The integration of C-DOT’s fiber-based QKD system with PRL’s free space QKD system is a significant achievement in the field of Quantum Communication Technologies.
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