India’s Meteorological Services Boosted By Moes-Funded Satellite

  • Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully launched INSAT-3DS, funded by the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES). 
  • The satellite will enhance India’s meteorological services, complementing the existing INSAT-3D and INSAT-3DR in-orbit satellites. 
  • The satellite aims to improve Earth’s surface, atmosphere, oceans, and environment monitoring, data collection, dissemination, and satellite-aided search and rescue services. 
  • The satellite is equipped with state-of-the-art payloads, including an imager payload, a 19-channel sounder payload, and communication payloads. 
  • The data from the satellite will be used by various institutes of the Ministry of Earth Sciences and various Indian agencies to enhance meteorological research and services. 
  • The initiative will boost India’s weather and climate prediction, alerts, early warnings, and advisories for public and last-mile users.
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