India’s Government Issues Pilot Project Guidelines for Green Hydrogen in Steel Sector

  • The Indian government issued guidelines for pilot projects utilizing green hydrogen in the steel sector. 
  • The guidelines, titled “Scheme Guidelines for Implementation of Pilot Projects for Use of Green Hydrogen in the Steel Sector under the National Green Hydrogen Mission,” aim to replace fossil fuels and feedstock with Green Hydrogen and its derivatives. 
  • Three areas identified as thrust areas for the pilot projects include the use of hydrogen in Direct Reduced Iron making, the use of hydrogen in Blast Furnace, and the gradual substitution of fossil fuels with Green Hydrogen.
  • The scheme supports pilot projects involving any other innovative use of hydrogen for reducing carbon emissions in iron and steel production. 
  • The pilot projects will lead to the development of the necessary infrastructure for Green Hydrogen use in the Iron & Steel industry, establishing a Green Hydrogen ecosystem in the steel sector. 
  • The National Green Hydrogen Mission was launched on 04th January 2023 with an outlay of Rs. 19,744 crores up to FY 2029-30.
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