India’s 1st Green Hydrogen Plant in Stainless Steel Sector Opened

  • Union Minister of Steel, Sh. Jyotiraditya M. Scindia inaugurated India’s 1st Green Hydrogen Plant in the Stainless Steel Sector. 
  • The plant will be the world’s first off-grid Green Hydrogen plant for the stainless steel industry and the world’s first Green Hydrogen plant with rooftop & floating solar. 
  • The project aims to reduce carbon emissions considerably by around 2,700 Metric Tonnes per annum and 54,000 tons of CO2 emissions over the next two decades. 
  • The Minister emphasized India’s commitment to a green and sustainable future, emphasizing the need for responsible economic progress in the post-COVID era. 
  • The National Green Hydrogen Mission (NGHM) is transforming India’s steel industry, aiming to become the world’s largest producer of crude steel. 
  • The Minister urged industry stakeholders to adopt clean technologies and actively participate in India’s transformative journey towards a greener economy. 
  • The project will also support pilot projects in the steel sector with a budget of around ₹500 Crore until FY 2029-30.
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