Indian Navy’s Tarini Completes Transoceanic Expedition with Women Officers

  • The Indian Naval Sailing Vessel (INSV) Tarini returned to Goa after a nearly two-month transoceanic expedition. 
  • The expedition was led by Lt Cdr Dilna K and Lt Cdr Roopa A, women officers of the Indian Navy. 
  • The journey marked a historic milestone as they became the first from India to accomplish such a feat. 
  • The expedition was flagged off from Goa by renowned circumnavigator CDR Abhilash Tomy on 28 Feb 24. 
  • After 22 days of navigation, the vessel arrived at Port Louis, Mauritius, on 21 Mar 24. 
  • The officers exhibited exceptional seamanship and resilience, demonstrating the spirit of adventure and exploration. 
  • The next voyage, a circumnavigation of the globe (Sagar Parikrama – IV expedition), is scheduled to commence in Sep this year.
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