Indian Navy Responds To Hijacking of MV Ruen

  • Maritime incident in the Arabian Sea involving the hijacking of Malta Flagged Vessel MV Ruen.
  • The vessel, with 18 crew on board, had sent a Mayday message on the UKMTO portal, PM 14 Dec 23.
  • Boarding of approx. six unknown personnel.
  • Indian Navy diverted its Naval Maritime Patrol aircraft undertaking surveillance in the area and its warship on Anti-Piracy patrol in the Gulf Aden.
  • To locate & assist MV Ruen.
  • The aircraft overflew the hijacked vessel on the early morning of 15 Dec 23.
  • It is continuously monitoring the movement of the vessel, which heading towards the coast of Somalia.
  • Indian Navy’s warship, mission deployed in the Gulf of Aden for anti-piracy patrol, has also intercepted MV Ruen in the early hours of 16 Dec 23.
  • The overall situation is being closely monitored, in coordination with other agencies/ MNF in the area.
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