Indian Historical Records Commission (IHRC) Adopts a New Logo and Motto

  • IHRC, an advisory body on archival matters, has adopted a new logo and motto. 
  • The competition, launched in 2023, invited designs for the logo and motto on the MyGov portal. 
  • Shri Shaurya Pratap Singh’s entry was chosen, showcasing the IHRC’s unique identity and mission of preserving, studying, and honoring India’s historical records. 
  • The logo and motto, “Where history is preserved for the future,” reflect the IHRC’s commitment to safeguarding historical documents for future generations. 
  • Four entries for logo and motto were awarded consolation prizes. 
  • The winning entry will receive a prize of Rs. 50,000/-, while consolation prizes of Rs. 5,000/- each will be given to all four shortlisted entries.
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