IndiaAL Mission for Responsible Development Of AI In India Approved

  • The Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, has approved a comprehensive national-level IndiaAI mission with a budget outlay of Rs.10, 371.92 Crore. 
  • The mission aims to establish a comprehensive ecosystem catalyzing AI innovation through strategic programs and partnerships across the public and private sectors. 
  • The mission will democratize computing access, improve data quality, develop indigenous AI capabilities, attract top AI talent, enable industry collaboration, provide Startup risk capital, ensure socially impactful AI projects, and bolster ethical AI. 
  • The mission will be implemented by ‘IndiaAI’ Independent Business Division (IBD) under Digital India Corporation (DIC). 
  • Key components include: – IndiaAI Compute Capacity: A high-end scalable AI computing ecosystem to cater to the increasing demands from India’s rapidly expanding AI start-ups and research ecosystem. – IndiaAI Innovation Centre: The development and deployment of indigenous Large Multimodal Models (LMMs) and domain-specific foundational models in critical sectors. – IndiaAI Datasets Platform: A unified data platform for seamless access to non-personal datasets for AI Innovation. – IndiaAI Future Skills: A conceptualized initiative to mitigate barriers to entry into AI programs and increase AI courses in undergraduate, masters-level, and Ph.D. programs. – IndiaAI Startup Financing: Supports and accelerates deep-tech AI startups and provides streamlined access to funding for futuristic AI Projects. 
  • Safe & Trusted AI: Enables the implementation of Responsible AI projects including the development of indigenous tools and frameworks.
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