India Wants Restoration of Appellate Body at WTO

  • India emphasized the restoration of the Appellate Body as the top priority of any reform process at the World Trade Organization’s 13th Ministerial Conference. 
  • The Appellate Body, the appellate arm of the Dispute Settlement (DS) system, has been non-functional since December 2019, due to the blocking of the appointment of its Members by the United States. 
  • India recalled the commitment of WTO Members of the 12th Ministerial Conference to have a fully functioning dispute settlement system accessible to all Members by 2024. 
  • India emphasized that the outcome of any reform process should provide for the restoration of the Appellate Body, which remains a top-most priority for India. 
  • India proposed a three-point action plan for Members: transition discussions on dispute settlement reforms to WTO formal bodies, ensure an effective multilateralization of the process and prioritize the restoration of the Appellate Body.
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