India to Mine Lithium in Argentina

  • Agreement between Khanij Bidesh India Limited (KABIL) and the state-owned enterprise of Catamarca province of Argentina CATAMARCA MINERA Y ENERGÉTICA SOCIEDAD DEL ESTADO (CAMYEN SE).
  • At signed Catamarca, Argentina.
  • Signed in the presence of the  Governor of Catamarca Minister of Mines Catamarca, and Ambassador of India to Argentina.

About the Agreement:

  • First ever lithium exploration and mining project by a Government Company of India.
  • Exploration and development of 5 lithium brine blocks Viz 1. Cortadera-I, 2. Cortadera-VII, 3. Cortadera- VIII, 4. Cateo-2022-01810132 and 5. Cortadera-VI.
  • Set up a branch office in Catamarca, Argentina.
  • Project cost is about 200 crores.
  • Will source lithium for India.
  • Will help in technical & operational experience for Brine-type lithium exploration, exploitation and extraction.


  • It is the part of “Lithium Triangle” along with Chile and Bolivia.
  • It has more than half of the world’s total lithium resources.
  • 2nd largest lithium resources, 3rd largest lithium reserves and 4th largest production in world.
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