India Becomes Third Largest Solar Power Producer

  • India overtakes Japan as the world’s third-largest solar power producer in 2023, according to Ember’s report. 
  • India generated 113 billion units of solar power in 2023, compared to Japan’s 110 BU. 
  • India ranks 5th globally in installed power capacity, including both renewable and non-renewable energy. 
  • Solar power contributes to only 6.66% of India’s total installed electricity, reflecting a gap between potential and actual solar power. 
  • China leads in solar power production, with 584 BU of solar power in 2024. 
  • The US is the second-largest producer, with India needing to double its current production to surpass the USA. 
  • Renewable energy’s share in global electricity production has expanded from 19% in 2000 to 30% in 2023, driven by increased solar and wind power. 
  • China is the main driver of this increase, accounting for 51% of additional global solar generation and 60% of new global wind generation in 2023.
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