IGNCA Hosts Lecture on Indic Knowledge

  • Hosted by the Kala Nidhi Division of the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts.
  • The Kapila Vatsyayan Memorial Lecture, titled ‘Understanding India through Indic Perspective’.
  • Kapila Vatsyayan was the founding director of IGNCA.

Key Discussions:

  • Five variables—cosmology, Sandhya Bhasha, Itihaas: Puranas, Dharma vs Religion, Binaries.
  • Parallels between Western knowledge and the Indic system.
  • V. S. Suthankar’s view within the Indian Knowledge system – proposed that the ancient rishis of India aimed to unravel the complex web of individuality, essentially the miniature cosmos, and liberate captive energy for Nature’s sublimation.
  • Indic Cosmology, its manifestation through layers of consciousness and the essence of the Indic Knowledge System—the journey from ‘Purusha’ (Primal Man) to ‘Manava’ (Mankind).
  • Significance of understanding symbolic language, to decode Indic knowledge beyond colonial literal interpretations.
  • Vedic texts explain the theory of creation, citing Nasadiya Sukta, Purusha Sukta, Vishvakarma Sukta, Hiranyagarbha Sukta, and Devotpatti Sukta.
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