IAF Fighter Squadron Converts to SU-30 MKI

  • Number 4 Squadron (Oorials) of the Indian Air Force (IAF) based at Air Force Station Uttarlai (Barmer) is converting from the MIG-21 to the Su-30 MKI.
  • The squadron has been operating the MIG-21 since 1966.
  • Mig-21 was the first supersonic fighter in service of the IAF and was inducted in 1963.
  • Participated in all major conflicts since then.
  • Reason: Commitment of IAF to modernise and protect the skies of the nation.
  • The conversion implies that IAF now operates only two squadrons of the MIG-21.
  • Committed to phasing out the MIG-21 aircraft by the year 2025.
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