HC Ruling on Widow’s Property Rights

  • Ruled by the Madras High Court Justices R. Subramanian and N. Senthil Kumar
  • If a person, to whom the Indian Succession Act of 1925 applies, dies intestate (without making a will), leaving behind his widow and children, then his mother can not claim any right over the properties left behind by him.
  • The case was related court to a 2019 appeal suit filed by a Christian widow, and her daughter, challenging a district court’s order to give 50% of the properties left behind by the first appellant’s husband to his mother.
  • As per Section 33 of the Act, if an intestate had behind a widow and any lineal descendant, one-third of his property should belong to the widow and the remaining two–thirds should go to the lineal descendants and no other person is entitled to a share.
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