Hackathon on Innovations in Technical Textiles

  • Organized by The Ministry of Textiles under the National Technical Textiles Mission (NTTM).
  • Hackathon titled “Fostering Innovations in Technical Textiles –Hackathon.
  • For unleashing creativity in technical textiles” under “BHARAT TEX 2024”.
  • To be held on 26-29 Feb, 2024.
  • Is to create a platform that brings together students, researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals.
  • NTTM (Ministry of Textiles, Government of India) shall be the sponsor and partner for the hackathon.

The Hackathon:

  • It will consist of 3 phases, namely the Ideation Phase; the Development Phase & Presentation and Judging Phase.
  • 10 thematic areas: Smart Textiles; Sustainable Textile; Medical Textile; Protective Textiles; Composites; Functional Fabrics; Development of Specialty Fibres and high-performance fibres; Development of Indigenous Machinery/Equipment/Instruments; Integration of Technical Textiles with applied sciences and Engineering and any other areas in the domain of technical textiles.
  • Top 3 winners may be considered for funding under the Grant for Research and Entrepreneurship across Aspiring Innovators in Technical Textiles (GREAT).
  • Grant amounting up to INR 50 lakhs for a period of a maximum of 18 Months subject.
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