Government Sign Agreement with ADB for $181 Million Loan for Development

  • The Government of India and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) have signed a $181 million loan to improve urban liveability and mobility in Ahmedabad’s peri-urban areas. 
  • The project aims to make peri-urban areas of Ahmedabad liveable, environmentally sustainable, and efficient with robust infrastructure and a vibrant economy. 
  • The project will benefit the urban poor, women, and migrant workers through improved urban services and governance. 
  • The project will construct 166 km of water distribution network, 126 km of climate-resilient storm water drainage, 300 km of sewerage systems, and four sewage treatment plants. 
  • The project will also support 10 junction improvements along the existing Sardar Patel Ring Road to improve connectivity. 
  • The project will also strengthen the capacity of the Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority and urban local bodies in technology-based urban planning.
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