Government of India and ADB Sign $100 Million Loan Agreement

  • Agreement with Asian Development Bank (ADB) to avail a USD 100 million loan.
  • To improve urban services and tourism facilities in the northeastern state of Tripura.

The Project:

  • Upgrade urban water supply systems by installing 42 km of new transmission and distribution pipes.
  • Establish 4 new water treatment plants.
  • Improve 55 km of stormwater drains.
  • Improve 21 km of urban roads with features that respond to the needs of the elderly, women, children, and differently-abled.
  • Will build the capacity of 12 urban local bodies on planning, infrastructure operations and maintenance, financial management, gender equality and social inclusion, and project management.
  • Help the state government update its building regulations incorporating spatial planning and green building principles to ensure climate and disaster resilience.
  • Upgrade tourist destinations, such as the Chaturdash Devata Temple, Kasba Kalibari, and Neermahal Palace.
  • By improving the amenities, rooms, and landscaping, and making them more visitor- and gender-friendly destinations.
  • Establish a digital museum.
  • A new adventure park.
  • A 10-year tourism business plan.
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