Government Issues Guidelines for Green Hydrogen Pilot Projects In Transport Sector

  • The Indian government issued guidelines for pilot projects involving Green Hydrogen in the transport sector. 
  • The guidelines were issued by the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) on February 14, 2024, under the National Green Hydrogen Mission. 
  • The aim is to make vehicles powered by green hydrogen cost-competitive over the next few years. 
  • The pilot projects will be implemented through the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and the Scheme Implementing Agencies (SIAs). 
  • The scheme will support the development of technologies for Green Hydrogen as fuel in Buses, Trucks, and 4-wheelers, and the development of infrastructure such as hydrogen refueling stations. 
  • The scheme will also support other innovative uses of hydrogen for reducing carbon emissions in the transport sector, such as blending methanol/ethanol based on green hydrogen and other synthetic fuels derived from green hydrogen in automobile fuels. 
  • The scheme will be implemented with a total budgetary outlay of Rs. 496 Crores till the financial year 2025-26.
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