Government Initiates Peace in Manipur

  • Peace Agreement between United National Liberation Fronts (UNLF), Government of Manipur and Government of India on 29 November, 2023.
  • Around 25 leaders/cadres of National Revolutionary Front Manipur (NRFM- a Meitei UG outfit) led by Major Boicha (Vice Chief of Army Staff of NRFM) along with 25 weapons joined UNLF on 02nd December 2023.
  • To restore peace and normalcy in Manipur.

About NRFM:

  • NRFM (earlier United Revolutionary Front) was formed on 11 September 2011, by cadres of three factions of KCP, a Meitei UG outfit.
  • Its senior leaders operated from bases in a neighbouring country (Myanmar).
  • They were involved in violence and extortion in various parts of the Manipur Valley.
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